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Breaking With the Law: Lead Big - Discovering the Upside of Unconventional Leadership

Businesses today are jumping on the bandwagon of employee motivation through reward and recognition. But the multi-year study has revealed that at the end of the day it’s not reward that powers the most positive emotions and the urge to succeed. It’s progress.

Over his long tenure in policing, Ward has broken with many leadership beliefs and behaviours that were ineffective and unproductive, hence the title of his book series Breaking With the Law. In the face of sometimes harsh criticism, Ward has discovered the ultimate secret for quantum improvement: Every breakthrough first requires a break with the old paradigms, practices, and principles that tether people and organizations to the status quo.

Ward’s presentation defines and describes the paradigm shift needed to move away from the command and control style of managing people toward a more proactive, unleashing of talent. Ward’s presentation will inspire you to think again about the effectiveness of your current methods and established rules of engagement.

As a master storyteller, Ward will relate his experiences in grappling with out-dated traditions and ineffective behaviours. You’ll be laughing one moment and crying the next as he takes you on an inspirational journey of courage from this “cop out of the box.”

Breaking With The Law: The Positive Ticket Principle

The Positive Ticket Principle
It started with a policing experiment—what would happen if cops tried to catch kids doing something good, instead of doing something bad? And what if kids were rewarded with a positive “ticket?” It turned into a viral phenomenon called the Positive Ticket Principle that has swept the policing world and now finds application in the business sector.

Speaker and author Ward Clapham, former Chief of Police and mastermind of the Positive Ticket experiment, shares how the Positive Ticket Principle is the key to accelerated business performance and inspiring results.

In his latest keynote address, Clapham explains how employees are not simply motivated by rewards or “carrots.” While those things are important, the Positive Ticket Principle takes the “carrot” approach one step further.

It’s not just rewarding people, it’s rewarding them as they progress and achieve significant goals they find personally meaningful. That combination of “prize” plus unleashing “progress” becomes the catalyst for breakthrough performance and success.

Learn more about how you can ignite the power of your workforce using the Positive Ticket Principle.

Leading in the Knowledge Worker Age: Social Media - a Real Game Changer

During this keynote presentation and Q & A, the participant will learn about how social media is dramatically changing how we work, build relationships, interact with one another, and finally, exercise leadership.

They will discover how the ease, speed, depth and breadth of communications today is a real game changer for business leaders. The old command and control style is being seriously challenged by more collaborative servant leadership techniques and methods.

Participants will explore how this shift is fundamentally about culture change. And that type of transformational change - which may include updating business practices - must come from the top. But more than a top-down dictum, it's got to be part of the essence of a business leader today.